by Michael Kemp

Another high-profile murder in Georgia. The family of a young Georgian programmer, who died under unknown circumstances, suspects that she was killed and that the story of her death may be related to her work and activities.

Twenty-three-year-old Tamara Bachaliashvili was last seen alive on July 18. Then on July 22, 5 days after her disappearance, she was found in the back seat of her car near the Marneuli-Tetritskaro road (about 60 km from Tbilisi) with the car locked, and the key in the ignition.

According to Tamara Bachaliashvili’s LinkedIn, she had studied computer technologies at TSU, then went on to study computer science and cybernetics in France.

Tamara Bachaliashvili was a PHP developer and programmer, who used a unique PHP script for programming.

NLN editors are aware that Tamara Bachaliashvili had worked at ZAG Ltd, a company registered in 2015, with identification number 405130914. According to the state register, the company is owned by US citizen Abraham Reikhbakh. An American private investigation  analyst, Christina Pushaw, states, Reichbach is the founder of ZAG Ltd, registered in the USA in 2013, as well as another 34 companies in several other countries around the world, 30 of which are active, however, their function is completely unclear, and we can say that it is deliberately veiled. Purshaw also says that the activities of ZAG Ltd in Georgia are closely related to several high-ranking officials of the current government.

In addition to ZAG Ltd, Tamara Bachaliashvili worked for SPRYFLASH Ltd, a company with about 50 employees, registered in Austria.

On July 22, a few hours before the confirmation of her death, the director of ZAG Ltd, Abraham Reikhbakh, issued a statement saying that Bachaliashvili had advised the company the previous week, that she would be stepping down.  Reikhbakh stated he was not surprised because she had said several times over the past year that she had found it difficult to study and work two jobs at the same time. When asked whether Bachaliashvili’s death could be somehow connected with her activities at ZAG Ltd, Reichbach replied that he excluded the possibility 100%.

According to Reichbach, ZAG Ltd is an IT (software) company that has existed in Georgia for five years and has about 50 employees. He added, “We work exclusively in the United States and have no contacts with the Georgian market. Therefore we do not need PR, and we do not have high recognition. In recent years we have often heard the word outsourcing. Here, the customer orders the project from the contractor at a lower price than in their own country, which does not have to be geographically located nearby, and in this way, employs people in developing countries”, said Reichbach. There has been no comment as yet from the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding the case of Tamara Bachaliashvili. There is also no answer under what criminal article the death is being investigated.

Our NLN Correspondent spoke with well-known Georgian journalist and security expert, the head of the analytical agency, Anticrisis Center for Security Problems, Mr. David Phurtskhvanidze, for his comments around this strange and complicated case:

In the course of this confusing investigation, it is rather difficult to find the ends. For example, according to the father of the deceased, one investigator told him that they had opened Tamara’s computer and noted that she had “huge problems” however another investigator advised that the computer was not opened at all. Additionally, it should be noted Tamara’s Facebook profile was deleted by an unknown person a few days ago.

The media and the public in Georgia are considering various versions, and conjectures, from the laundering of large amounts of money through Reichbach’s companies to the implementation of operational developments by the special services of different countries, including the United States and Russia. “Our agency is interested in this matter, and we have already started our investigation”, David Phurtshvanidze stated.

With growing world interest in the events in the Caucasus, NLN has asked Mr. David Purtskhvanidze and his organization, to conduct a deeper investigation into this tragic case, which may be involved in a larger geopolitical game. Results of this investigation will be shared with NLN exclusively. Our agency will render every assistance in the work of our Georgian colleagues.

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